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y sqwal a can da: an old Welsh toast = to the feast and good song
can da:Welsh = Good Song (literally Song Good).

When I ask business people what assets they have I often get long lists, finished goods inventories, raw materials inventory, machinery, equipment. But there are only two real assets, and they're usually left off the list -- people and the knowledge they embody. All the rest, inventory, machinery or equipment exist to service either your people, your customers (who are people) or your suppliers (who are also people). Doesn't it make sense to focus our efforts at creating value in our people and the retention of the knowledge they hold.

- Glen Ford, Can Da Software

Every few weeks we'll be adding free software and articles on various management and systems topics. So come back and visit often... Oh and if you have any suggestions or requests please let us know c/o our webmaster@can-da.com.


Can Da Software is a small IT/IS Consulting firm located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Our principal areas of concern are the people side of Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, and Systems Development including methodologies and change management. We concentrate primarily on the IBM AS400 platform, the LANSA Case Tool, and the Windows PC platform using Visual Basic and Java. 


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Our Mission

To provide a level of quality in knowledge, service and delivery which exceeds our clients expectations.


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