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IT Capability Continuum

Bwca Management Consulting Abstract and Background This model attempts to explain the general stages through which an organization moves as its capability changes. It proposes that an organization begins with a base or chaos state. As the capabilities of the

Three Skills for IT Project Success

Project Management done wrong

Bwca Management Consulting Abstract and Background Successful IS projects require the coming together of many elements. While many of those elements are outside of IS, the ability to draw those elements together is a key success factor for an IS


Bwca Management Consulting Abstract and Background We all need and want respect. For a consultant, internal or external, it is mandatory that we have the respect of our clients in order to do our job. But how do we gain

Change Environment

The environment of change model

Change: An Environmental Model Abstract: This article describes a model of change based on the environment in which change takes place. The model hypothesizes that businesses react to environmental forces in a way intended to achieve a future target. This