Can Da Software doesn’t claim to be a full service consulting firm and doesn’t try to be. What we do try to be is very good, very knowledgeable and good mentors at what we do. After all, that’s what you’re really paying for isn’t it? Not just the ability to do a job, but also the ability to train and guide your people to do the job after we leave.

We try to concentrate on the people side of IT or IS project management. Whether you’re developing a new accounting system or the latest e-commerce website. The people side of an IT or IS project is the most important. Specifically, we provide skills in the following:

In addition, we also provide limited development services (but only if you can interest us in the project).

In more detail:

Strategy Development & Meeting Assistance

We focus on the development of Systems & Software strategies appropriate to the small business market including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO). This is the area we can add content.

However, we can also assist you with the development of any form of strategy. We provide the process and you provide the knowledge and skills (the content).

A large part of strategy development is running meetings to explore the alternatives. This is called meeting facilitation. We can also apply those same meeting facilitation skills to your meetings on what ever subject.  (Note that you supply the content).

Skills Development

Your biggest and most important asset isn’t equipment, computers or buildings. It’s your people and the knowledge they embody. Doesn’t it make sense to focus on improving them? We can help your people to grow, and keep current. We do so by providing custom training services. We also have access through our partner companies to public training.

Management Services

It would be nice if all your employees gave you enough notice of their leaving to replace them.  But that’s not the case. Sometimes you need someone to take over until you can identify the perfect new manager or director. That’s where we can help.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to hire a manager with all that entails. Project Managers are really only needed when you have a project for them. That’s where we shine.

In addition to project management and interim management, we also can help you to build systems that support your company. Our business, process, and systems analysis and design services will make your business sing!

Development Services

Someimes a package just won’t cut it.  Or you need a web site (interet or intranet) that just works. That’s where our experience can help. We have experience in large enterprise and small departmental systems. For more information see here.