Development Services:

Generally speaking we no longer actively seek Development projects. We will be happy to listen to your needs and suggest others who might be interested. Who knows, if the project is interesting enough we might even be willing to participate.

In the past we have provided:

LANSA Development

LANSA is a comprehensive, repository based development tool for rapid systems development (i.e. a CASE tool). It is capable of deploying systems onto many different platforms (including the IBM AS/400 (aka iSeries, System i, and Power Systems), PC, Unix, and the WWW through a browser) using the same underlying software. Not that we’re suggesting you do that. Using the same skills, your people are able to develop on most of the major platforms you might need. It is extremely well positioned for development of E-Commerce modules either from scratch or integrating legacy systems.

We have experience in providing full life cycle development from initial selection of the LANSA tool through implementation of LANSA.  We also have a great deal of experience in using the tool from initial project objectives through design, development and testing to implementation using both RAD and waterfall development methodologies.

ACBS Support

ACBS is a back room system for complex loans used by many major Banks, Credit Unions, and financial institutions around the world. It is built on a LANSA platform running on either the IBM Power System / System i / iSeries / AS400 (depending on which version of the name you prefer) or on the PC .  It is capable of handling large syndicated loans in numerous variations and also smaller individual loans. We have experience in multiple Canadian and U.S. banks and have installed the system in the U.S. and U.K.. At the time of writing we are one of only 5 consultants capable of experienced in the system in Canada.

Traditional Development

Of course we’ve also had extensive experience developing systems using traditional languages including RPG (on the IBM System 34/36/38 and AS/400 – aka iSeries, System i, and Power Systems), SQL (on the IBM AS/400 – aka iSeries, System i, and Power Systems, and PC), Java (on the PC), and Visual Basic (on the PC).

Web Development

Unlike other forms of development, we are actively involved with web development projects. Typically our involvement goes beyond basic development. Instead we provide the development as part of our strategic services.

We can provide content development, SEO (search engine optimization), and SEM (search engine marketing) services for your website. We have, in the past, developed in HTML, CSS,  and PHP.  Currently, almost all of our development is based on the WordPress platform as it is the most user-friendly and flexible platform available.

For examples of websites we have developed in the past go here. (COMING SOON)

We would be pleased to discuss your needs. Please contact us.