Skills Development

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The most important skill an IT/IS person can bring to your project is the knowledge of your business. And it’s the most expensive to develop.

No consultant can ever match an employee for knowledge of your own business! Neither can a new employee. But IT/IS is changing. How do you keep the very expensively learned business knowledge while trying to meet the IT/IS needs of tomorrow?

Outsourcing isn’t the answer. Neither is hiring people just out of college.

The solution is improving the knowledge and skills of your existing people. Helping your people to learn to apply new skills. And we can help! We’ve had extensive experience in helping people to internalize new skills and to apply new techniques. Whether it’s passing on skills we already have (such as Project Management or Object Oriented Design) or skills we learn together, you’ll find our training and mentoring services are a great help in ensuring your most valuable assets continue to add value to your organization.


Through our association with TrainingNOW and other major training companies we can provide courses which are customized to your needs. We can provide:

  • Training in Project Management
  • Training on various Management Topics
  • Training in Business, Process and Systems Analysis

For more information on how we can help, contact us.

Methodology & Process Mentoring

We can help your people to design and adopt new methodologies in Project Management and Software Development. We can also help in a number of software development technologies.

More than just consulting, we get involved with your people and coach them to become independent and high functioning.

For more information on how we can help your people to be the best they can be, contact us.