Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Can Da Software is an amalgamation of two former companies founded by Glen Ford.

The oldest was Bwca Management Consulting (pronounced boo-ka), a virtual consulting firm. While it did operate full time for several years it had been a part-time operation for a number of years.

The other company is Can Da Software. Can Da Software was initially intended to market software developed by Glen Ford as training opportunities. This company was always intended to be a part time situation as Glen was employed full time.

When the company re-formed as a full time operation it was faced with a naming crisis. While Bwca more accurately described the company (a Bwca is a little man who cleans up your house while you sleep, and if you’ve been lazy, pinches and prods you until you wake up – in other words a Welsh brownie), it had suffered from more mispronunciations than correct ones (some of them quite inventive). Can Da Software, however, described only part of the operation. Despite this the new name became Can Da Software.

Can Da Software has concentrated its efforts on the IT development and management market. Our consulting is focused on the people side of IT/IS and we never forget that software and hardware are only part of the system – and not the most important part at that! Our capabilities include:

  • IS Strategy
  • Facilitation (especially in Strategy Development)
  • Interim Management
  • Project Management
  • Business, Process, and Systems Analysis
  • Training

Due to unforeseen circumstances (a car accident), the software portion of the company was suspended in 1997. In the period immediately following accident we focused on software development and package support primarily for the LANSA product. During this period we supported most of the major banks in Canada and several international financial organizations. By 2004 our practice had shifted yet again to primarily Project Management and Analysis and Design (Business, Process, and Systems).  By 2010 we were primarily focused on Project Management, and Strategy Development for small and medium business.

We would be pleased to help your company to be the best it can be. For further information or to explore how our skills might help your company contact us here.