Management Services

Interim Departmental Management

Your Software Development manager has just quit. Your IT director has just found a better position for more pay and said goodbye. Your department is leaderless and it won’t be long before it’s in disarray. What do you do?

Well, you could hire a new Manager or Director in a rush. But can you really afford a mistake at that level? And it will take time. You can’t just hire someone off the street. It takes time to find one, talk to them, check their references, talk to them some more, make an offer, and get them to leave their old employer.

What can you do?

Our Interim Department Management can help. We’ll join your firm for as long as it takes and keep your computers and software humming. And when you find your new Manager or Director we’ll be there to help them through the transition ensuring that your department will change leadership without skipping a beat.

Project Management

One of the most difficult aspects of any development effort is to achieve what was desired, when it was desired, without upsetting the participants. The ability to lead a project, whatever its technology, is often more crucial to success than the technology used.

We rightly pride ourselves on our success in leading development efforts in multiple environments and technologies.We bring over 20 years of progressive project management experience in all sizes of projects from small one person week development to multi-million dollar multi-year package implementations. This experience is supplemented by current education in modern techniques. In addition to a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University, we are members of several SIGs of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

We have experience in applying set project methodologies of varying flexibility (e.g. Kepner Tregoe, PMI/PMBOK, Agile) and have incorporated many of the better aspects of those methodologies into our own processes.We have experience in developing and applying ISO 9000-3 compliant project management processes. We also are familiar with the SEI’s Capability Maturity Model among others.

Business, Process, and Systems Analysis and Design

Developing software is one issue but how do you know that you’re developing the right software for the job? And how do you know that the software you’re building is the best you can do for your situation? And how do you know that your manual procedures and your software will work together?

That’s where our analysis and design capabilities can help your project to succeed!

Many organizations can bring years of Analysis and Design experience to bear on your problems. So can we!

Many organizations can determine your software needs and decide on a solution. So can we!

Many organizations can look at your manual procedures and change them. So can we!

Many organizations can look at your information and determine what you need to know. So can we!

Many organizations can look at your people and determine what they need to know. So can we!

But what we bring is the ability to do all five. We don’t just look at your software. We don’t just look at your manual processes. We also bring our experience in the operational and management sides of business. We have over 10 years in operational and administrative management. Got a problem … not only do we empathize … we’ve been there! We realize all of these (software, processes, people, information, and resources) work together to create a system that gets work done. We focus on the whole to design a holistic system that will carry you into the future.

Whatever your analysis and design methodologies, we can help. Whether it’s RAD (Rapid Application Development), JAD (Joint Application Development), or OO (Object Oriented), we can help.